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Interface Facility Management

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Interface HUB is located in the south of Milan, close to the Prada Foundation and the Symbiosis building site, in what is set to become one of the new business districts of the city and the home of 2026 Winter Olympic Games. With its 5 floors spreading over a total of 2000 square meters, Interface HUB hosts the headquarters of Interface Facility Management, the new A+B Academy and the non-profit exhibition space HUB/ART with its Bistrot—a multi-purpose space that from a break area is transformed when needed in a meeting and conference room.

Need more info? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or visit us at via Privata Passo Pordoi 7/3, Milan: Interface HUB is open Monday to Friday 9–13, 14–18. Outside these hours you can book an appointment.